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Multi Purpose Cultivation (MPC) is neither a fertilizer nor a pesticide but an adjuvant added to water.


MPC increases the water absorbing capacity of the soil : In 15 litres (fifteen) of water use 30 ml. MPC and spray onto the soil before or after ploughing. MPC increases the moisture absorbing capacity of soil, whereby precious water can be saved. Aids irrigation by increasing rate at which water soaks into soil, promotes more efficient water usage. For e.g. if 100 litres of water is required for cultivating 28000 square feet of land, by using MPC only 60-70 litres of water would be needed with very good results and savings would be 30-40 litres of water.

MPC increases the fertility of the land : By using 1 ml MPC with 1 kg. chemical or bio-fertilizer, there is a saving of fertilizer too. First mix MPC with some water and spray this mix onto solid fertilizer (actually dust). Spread this fertilizer on the field (e.g.  if the total fertilizer is 100 kg, mix 100 ml. of MPC with a little water and spray this mix onto the fertilizer blending it manually). For a whole season, if 100kg. of fertilizer is required, there is savings of 30-35 kg. of fertilizer if MPC is mixed with the fertilizer.

MPC increases the pesticides activities : When 5-10 ml. MPC is used with 15 litres of pesticides solution, it increases the pesticides efficiency. After mixing with the pesticide solution, spray onto plants and crops. Mix 5 ml. MPC for green leaves and 10 ml. MPC for other vegetables and crops. For a single season, if 1 litre of pesticide is required, there is a saving of 400-500 ml. cost of pesticides if MPC is used.

MPC increases the fungicide action : With 1 litre of fungicides use 5-10 ml. MPC and spray the solution onto plants. If a season's requirement is 1 litre of fungicide, by adding MPC only 500-600 ml. is needed resulting in savings of 400-500ml. of fungicide.

MPC helps to destroy weeds : Use just 20 ml. MPC with 1 litre of weed destroyer solution and spray onto weeds. Weeds are destroyed quickly and effectively.

MPC increase crop yield : By using MPC, the yield in crops is higher and it decreases the usage of fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides.

MPC is natural and biodegradable
and therefore, it is not harmful to the soil, plants and crops.

MPC will not be easily washed off during heavy rainfall because when sprayed it will quickly spread evenly and absorbed through the leaves cuticle and remain there.

is a multi crop spray adjuvant. Due to its proven effectiveness when used with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers a higher crop yield is achieved resulting in more profit.

is a special formulated adjuvant that makes water soluble solution wetter and is non corrosive to pumps and spray guns. This results in higher savings on fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. It also saves on equipment maintenance cost.